I 243. (July 17, 2019): Urmila says Change is possible

“If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake,” says Urmila, a member of OM Mahila self-help group.

Urmila comes from a small village of Chetra Buzurg from Tiloi block, of Amethi District.

Urmila had a life full of challenges. She did not step out of her house, had no source of income, no knowledge. The financial condition of her house was also very poor and she could not contribute to it as she was not educated.

“I was ashamed of myself I did not  step out of my house as I was very conscious of speaking and facing other people.”

In 2007, Urmila joined Om Mahila self-help group. Since then, there was no looking back. Regular weekly meetings, savings, training, and discussions gave Urmila a platform to enhance her knowledge and gain back her long lost confidence.

Urmila also took money out of her SHG on various accounts-

Rs 5000 for purchasing a cow

Rs 3000 for purchasing a sewing machine

Rs 5000 for opening a shop

Rs 10,000 for paying school fees

Rs 5000 for installing Submersible sable

Rs 10,000 for opening a sewing center

Rs 40,000 in installments to free her  agricultural mortgage land

“Today, I have my sewing center. I earn money by sewing clothes. I freed my land from the mortgage, and my children go to school. My SHG did not only limit to financial gains, but I also garnered a lot of knowledge about the best health and agricultural practices which helped me in many ways. The health of my family got better, the productivity of my crops increased, All of this was possible because of my SHG.”