192. (March 29, 2019): Vimla Devi: Comes out of her veil

Vimla Devi is a member of Bajrang Bali self-help group in khanipur village of Amethi district. She joined her SHG in the year 2009.

Before joining the SHG, we did not have any knowledge about the programme or SHG. Earlier, I was a woman who was clad under the veil and did not step out of the house, but through the efforts by the women of the SHG, we came to know about the working of SHG and its benefits. I joined the SHG in 2009.

After being a part of the SHG, we started saving and investing in the SHG. 10 years into the SHG a lot has changed,  I have transformed into a person who now not only goes out of the house but also mobilizes and motivates other women to do the same. Now, I have the power to make financial decisions of my family as I contribute through different sustainable livelihoods practices like kitchen garden, compost making, and goat rearing.

I have been to places which I never thought I’d be at because of the barriers that existed. RGMVP has paved the way for the future and made me grow into a more strong, independent and empowered woman.

“RGMVP Humare Liye Apar Shakti Hai”

Ishita Tiwari