Vimla Devi is a member of Saraswati self-help group from Nodiya Karethi in Siradhu block of Kausambhi District.  She belongs to the Category of Scheduled Caste.

Before joining the SHG, her husband did not allow her to talk to anyone. She used to remain indoors. Vimla had only 15 biswa of land, that she used for cultivation of Wheat and Rice   The overall production was less, it only sufficed their own consumption.

During that time she heard about the self-help groups, By that time 10-12 self-help groups were already made in her village and were working well, that’s when she joined Saraswati self-help group.

After joining the group, she started to save and took money from her SHG for the following activities –

Rs 5000 for the cultivation of potato in her field

Rs 30,000 and got a 2 bigha land on mortgage

Rs 45,000 for the cultivation of sugarcane in her field

From the cultivation of potato, she generated an income of Rs 12,500, Her whole sugarcane costs her around Rs 3 Lakhs. The financial conditions of her family have improved drastically, all her 3 children go to school. They are pursuing higher studies in 10th, 11th and 12th class. Everyone in her family is happy.

Gajendra Verma and Sara