Vimla Devi is a member of Shiksha Mahila self-help group, from Pure Dayal village of Sangrampur block, Amethi district. She is the president of her group and secretary of her Village Organisation. She joined her group in 2008.

Coming from the social category of Schedule Caste, she had to face a lot of barriers. The only income was from daily wages, which was not regular. The children were not able to attend the school and had to survive in the bare minimum.

Vimla joined SHG in 2008. Through SHG meetings, facilitated discussions and training Vimla gained a lot of knowledge about rights and entitlements, agriculture and health. She also learned about financial inclusion, and banks.

She took money from her SHG on various accounts –

Rs 2000 for purchasing a goat

Rs 2000 for purchasing a Cow

Rs 15000 for construction of her house

Rs 5000 for agricultural purposes

Rs 60,000 and purchased a tent house which can be further used for booking

Rs 75000 and purchased a DJ, again for booking.

Vimla says she was not valued. “I was never treated equally in my family, I did not have any say in any decisions but now things have changed. I step out of the house, I speak in front of other women, men also. My children go to school, I have more than one source of income. My family now respects me, everyone is happy.”

Nilesh and Sara