60. Witnessing Success in Life: Rekha

‘We are moving ahead in our lives with the information we receive through the Self-Help Group’, Rekha mentioned.  Rekha is a member of Lakshmi Women Self-Help Group and joined SHG 8 years back. She lives in Musafirkhana block of Amethi District. She mentioned how her life changed with the changes and development that were occurring in her SHG.

‘My Self-Help Group is growing each day, and I too is witnessing success in my life simultaneously. Earlier there was a lot of hesitation among groups member to step out of the house, attend meetings and training, Rekha mentioned.

Rekha’s SHG started with Rs.50 savings per member which later increased to Rs. 100 and now their group is deciding to increase the savings to Rs. 150.

Rekha didn’t have a proper house, but she built it by taking a loan of Rs. 15,000 from SHG. She has invested loan taken from SHG in livelihoods and children’s education. She once took a loan of Rs. 2,000 for admitting her son in school. She also took a loan Rs. 10,000 for buying a buffalo.

Rekha is a marginal farmer with just one acre of land but she is thankful to her SHG for teaching her innovative sustainable agriculture methods such as making compost and kitchen gardening, and able to produce vegetables and wheat, enough for her family’s food requirement.

Rekha’s husband is working in Delhi and comes once in a month to village.

‘My SHG is my support system, my SHG sisters are always there when I need them, we regularly do meetings and help each other’, Rekha mentioned.

Alokita, January 2019