Yashodha joined her Vikas self help group in the year of 2003. She is an empowered confident woman; Yashodha comes from a village by the name of Dihiba Guruthaliya in Shahgarh Block, Amethi district. Currently, she is volunteering as CRDI Health. Earlier, she took up various voluntary works. In the start she was Samooh Sakhi in Shahgarh Block, then as a CRP for 1 year, PIC for another year in Panwadi block of Mahoba district. Yashodha also served as a Field Officer (FO) for 5.5 years in the year of 2011 – 2017. Her story of empowerment started when she joined her self-help group in August 2003.

“After joining the self help group, I completed my education and did Masters in Political Science, I did Masters in Social Work as well. I also made my husband complete his high school. Currently, all my children are studying. My eldest daughter is pursuing her Bachelors in Arts. I got married when I was 11 years of age, my daughter will only marry when she starts working and is ready.”

Yashodha, took Rs 2000 for opening a tea shop from her group and repaid it in 2 months. She again took Rs 3000 and added stationery and books in her shop and expanded her existing shop. She borrowed Rs 5000 for agriculture purposes, she again took Rs 5000 and purchased a buffalo another Rs 16000 and released her land out of mortgage. Rs 20,000 and installed water engine in her field.

“It is only after joining the self help group that my life came on track, I’ve transformed from a woman who did not have a single source of livelihood, to a woman who now has 3-4 sources of livelihoods. I have a shop of my own; I have 2 buffalos and 1 calf. I also have goats. Also, I’m volunteering as CRDI health in RGMVP, I have travelled to various blocks and districts. I have also been selected in NRLM. I still remember the time when I wasn’t allowed to step out of the house as I was a new bride, had I not joined the self help group, I would still have been under the veil and inside the four walls of my house”.

– Sara