62. YWSHG gave me power to fight against culprits

Name – Geeta

Age – 20 years

Self Help Group – Radha Krishna Yuwa Samooh

Block– Jagdishpur

District – Amethi

Geeta came from a family were girls were married at an early age. Geeta herself was married off at an age of 6 by her parents. 6 years later the boy’s family came to take her along with them, It was then that her parents changed their mind and said NO, They again came after another year and then geeta’s parents agreed to give their daughter away.

“I was around 13 years of age when they came again. During lunch they started to talk about dowry and demanded a car from my father. My father belonged to a very poor family, he couldn’t afford such a huge dowry so he gave them the keys of his motorcycle, and my mother gave some jewellery along with other gifts. They were still not satisfied, a fight emerged and my uncle said that we won’t marry our daughter at such a house, and they left angrily with the gifts. At that age, I had no clue of what was going on”

Geeta, joined the YWSHG group in September 2018. She received knowledge on various topics among them one was of Rights and Entitlements, “After joining the YWSHG, I realised that I and my entire family was conned into the entire setup. That’s when I called 1090 Helpline. I got this information through my YWSHG, I registered the complaint and waited. When nothing happened I again called them after a year, and that’s when they took my complaint forward, a police came to my village and asked me to file a report in the nearest police station of Jagdishpur, My In laws were called and they handed me our gifts and money back. Had I not received information on Rights and Entitlements and 1090 helpline number I would have never been able to fight against these culprits. I am thankful to my YWSHG for imparting such valuable piece of information with me”

Sara Saad