YWSHG shows Sarita her Way

Sarita 26, joined Aadesh Yuva Balika Self Help Group in the year 2014. She comes from a really small village in Harchandpur. Earlier, her family lived in extreme poverty and had negligible income.

Currently, she is pursuing her B.Ed. final year. She aspires to become a teacher.

“I left my studies after 12th due to financial constraints of my family. After joining the Young Women Self Group of RGMVP, I continued back my studies and completed my BA and MA. I withdrew money from my SHG to pay my fees. I got married this year on 23rd April but that did not stop me from pursuing my dreams and education. Currently, I am in my 4th month of teaching training.”

Sarita talks about opening her own shop of printing along with her husband. She has saved 60000 rupees right now.

When asked about her plans on having kids she was quoted saying “Having Children is nowhere in the picture right now, I and my husband are still working on getting ourselves a better life, I would only want to build a secure future for my child, so we will plan and have it. My husband and I are very clear on it.”

Sarita says that she is grateful for her SHG to have imparted her the knowledge of Family Planning.

“I had no clue that things like these existed, In our village, we were always taught that Children are a gift of God and no one can control or plan them, it happens when God wants, I am really thankful of my SHG  that broke these superstitious and myths for me.”

Sarita is now a self-confident woman, who doesn’t shy away from making her own decisions for herself. She is out of all the barriers and is empowering other women to stand up for themselves and follow their dreams.

Sara Saad